Roger Finnie - President

Roger Finnie – President, BComm, CRM, FIIC

Currently serving as President, Mr. Finnie is Pemberton’s Chief Executive and Senior Practitioner and has over 25 years of industry experience with the firm. He works with a broad range of clients, including businesses engaged in manufacturing and processing, financial institutions, real estate, transportation, forestry, mining and professional services.

Mr. Finnie holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of British Columbia, has a diploma in Canadian Risk Management, and is a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada. He has worked in the international insurance and reinsurance markets at Lloyd’s of London where he received certification. He is also past Director of the Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia, and is actively interested in insurance industry public policy issues – having made submissions on various matters to the Senate Banking, Trade and Commerce Committee, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, the Ministry of Finance (B.C.) and the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

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