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Water damage can occur almost anywhere in your home. Frozen water lines as well as water-bearing appliances and fixtures, such as refrigerators with icemakers, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and water heaters, are common sources of water leaks. The number of these sources in today’s homes has led to an increased risk of water damage.

Unfortunately, slow leaks from these appliances and fixtures are often impossible to see until it is too late. If a leak goes undetected, it can lead to rotting in the house frame and subfloors and can be a precursor to a catastrophic leak that releases several hundred gallons of water. Water loss mitigation devices may help prevent these problems, while also saving you money on your homeowners insurance premium.


Passive leak detection systems are intended to alert you to a water leak. They generally sound an alarm tone within the home when a leak is detected. More advanced products may be connected to a centrally monitored fire and burglar alarm system, alerting you if a leak is detected — even when you are away from the home.

Passive leak detectors are helpful, but they do not provide the best method of protection from water leaks. The effectiveness of these systems depends on someone being in your home to take immediate action to stop the leak.


Active leak-detection systems provide a more comprehensive solution. These systems not only alert you of a leak, but also stop the water flow before it can cause significant damage to your home. These devices are typically installed on your home’s main water supply line and instantly shut off water flow once a leak is detected. The leak detection methods vary by product but typically include the detection of higher or longerthan-average water usage and/or the use of small sensors placed near areas that are more prone to water leaks, such as a hot water heater, appliances or under sinks.

Active leak-detection systems can be quite sophisticated. They may offer sensitivity variables such as “at home” and “away” modes that affect the speed in which they respond. They can allow for sprinkler systems or other water-use-intensive systems and do not infringe on your water consumption preferences, such as taking long showers. In addition, active leak-detection systems can be connected to a “smart home” system and/or centrally monitored alarm system, which could alert you when you are away from home. Generally, active leak-detection systems start at $500 and can cost as much as several thousand dollars, depending upon the product features, labor rates, and size of the system.

Chubb Canada will offer a 5% premium credit (discount) in all provinces, for the following:

• A water leak and control system having a U.L.C. Master Label. The system must monitor all areas containing plumbing devices and outlets. In the event of a leak, this system must close the master plumbing valve and activate a central station or direct alarm.


Chubb offers our homeowners policyholders complimentary referral to reputable companies providing water leak detection system and installation. The Masterpiece® Protection Network is a robust referral database of more than 150 independent Canadian experts in alarm security, fire prevention, fine art appraisal, art storage and transport, home construction and inventory services. Some offer discounts and priority service to Chubb policyholders.